Part 1 – The Early Years

Hex River Valley - Table grape farms

Marjorie van Heerden was born at De Doorns in the Hex River Valley near Cape Town in South Africa. She went to school and matriculated at the Rustenberg Girls High School in Cape Town.

Marjorie - 3 years old

    For one year she followed a degree course in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, and then switched to the Michaelis School of Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town

    For a further three years she studied Fine Arts, concentrating on sculpture and graphic art under the legendary Katrine Harries, known for her illustrations for children. After university Marjorie entered the advertising industry as a graphic design artist, while practicing portrait sculpting (including commissioned works), painting and other graphic techniques in her free time. At this stage she concentrated mainly on sculpture, lithography and etching.